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Mediation, Arbitration and Med-Arb

What is the difference and which process is best to resolve your dispute?


"Never Cut
What You Can Untie"

- Joseph Joubert


What is Mediation?

Mediation sessions take place in a safe environment that provides the opportunity for the parties to communicate openly and work through their issues with a highly trained professional to give support and offer ideas to assist the parties in arriving at a mutually agreed settlemtn- without the time and cost of a court hearing. 
Mediation is often the most efficient, cost-effective and mutually successful approach to handling extremely sensitive disputes.

When Is Mediation The Preferred Option?

Mediation provides all parties to unique ability to have a voice in the outcome of highly sensitive disputes.

When a highly sensitive and stressful dispute arises- child custody, financial conflict, division of assets, etc- It has been proven that the most successful and preferred outcomes happen when all parties are provided a confidential environment where they can openly state their favored outcome and have a neutral trained professional navigate the route of decision making. 

The mediation process provides the quickest and mutually approved outcome because you stay out of court and you have a voice in your own outcome. 
  • Cost-Effective Approach to navigating a dispute.
  • Efficient Process to solve conflict.
  • Set in a Neutral Environment with the Highly Trained Professional who navigates both sides in effort to reach a mutual agreement.
  • The outcome is not ruled by the judge but by the agreement of both disputed parties. 

Benefits of Mediation



What is Arbitration? 

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process that is similar to a private trial. Each party is provided the opportunity to present their facts, evidence, onions and preferred outcomes to a highly trained, neutral Arbitrator who then takes all of the information into consideration and ultimately makes all final decisions on all issues for the parties. 
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When Is Arbitration The Right Approach?

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Some issues just can’t be resolved by an agreement between the parties.  Whether it’s custody matters, division of assets, or even what to do with a marital residence, there are many situations where couples just need a neutral third-party to make these decisions on their behalf so that they can move on.  Arbitration provides parties the opportunity to present their side of the case, explain their reasons and rationale and show evidence to an Arbitrator.  Each side describes what they would like to see as a result and why.  Then, after careful consideration, the Arbitrator will render a decision on all of the issues presented and the case is brought to a close. 

Arbitration may be the right choice when parties need finality and, despite their best efforts, they can come to agreements on important issues.  Costing thousands of dollars less than a formal trial in a courtroom setting, an arbitration happens in a less formal atmosphere where parties are truly offered the chance to explain their point of view to an expert in family law who has handled hundreds of cases similar to theirs. Where parties need a decision made but would rather not spend money and suffer the emotional costs involved in the formal litigation process, Arbitration offers a more efficient option in a private setting. 
  • Cost-Effective Approach to navigating a dispute.
  • Efficient Process to solve conflict.
  • Set in a Neutral Environment with the Highly Trained Professional who listens and reviews both parties' facts to decide the final outcome 
  • The outcome is not determined by a judge in a courtroom but by the finds of a professional neutral Arbitrator in a private conducive environment. 

Benefits of Arbitration



What is Med-Arb? 

Med-Arb is a dispute resolution process that combines the best features of mediation with the finality of
an arbitration. If the parties choose Med-Arb, they initially work with their mediator in an attempt to reachbmutual agreements on all of their issues. If some of the issues cannot be resolved by agreement, the mediator, having learned about the case and each parties needs and desires, is then granted the ability to make final decisions for the parties.

When Is Med-Arb The Right Approach?


"As formidable a litigator as he may be, his skills and natural talents in working to resolve matters
through negotiation and finding common goals has always shone through in all of his endeavors."

Combining the open communication and opportunity for mutual agreements of mediation with the guarantee of finality from an arbitration, parties who hope to preserve their relationships and value flexibility and time efficiency may find that Med-Arb is the perfect choice.

As the mediator works with both parties throughout the mediation, he learns about the issues the parties are trying to resolve, as well as each parties’ concerns and needs. If the parties are unable to resolve all of their issues through the mediation session, then the process seamlessly transitions into an arbitration where each party presents evidence and makes their best arguments.

After considering all of the facts and information, the arbitrator will then render a final decision on those remaining issues that weren’t agreed to by the parties.

Med-Arb is best-suited for parties who prefer to maintain confidentiality in a private setting and prefer to try to resolve their issues themselves with the guidance of a mediator who has expertise in divorce and family law. Med-Arb’s integrated process offers a balanced approach that accommodates the needs of the parties while ensuring a final resolution if mediation fails.

Benefits of Med-Arb

  • The (now) Arbitrator will already be familiar with the intimate details of the case by working through the mediation directly with the parties. 
  • The parties still maintain control to try to reach agreements and avoid a decision from the Arbitrator whenever possible. 
  • Receive a binding resolution when a mutual agreement cannot be reached between the parties. 
  • The parties always remain in control of the process and can set their own timelines for a guaranteed final resolution.


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